Eclipse party 2017
August 2017 –

Computational Biologists Needed!

June 2017 – The Carvunis Lab is hiring driven computational biologists to study the evolution of genes, genomes and molecular systems. A staff position is listed here: Postdoctoral applicants please email Dr. Carvunis directly with a CV and a letter detailing your motivations.

First paper from The Carvunis Lab is published in Mol Biol Evol

January 2017 – This was a very international project with Diethard Tautz (Germany), Tomislav Domazet-Lošo (Croatia), Mar Albà (Spain) and others. We asked how the technical limitations of BLAST may interfere with our ability to know when sequences have emerged in evolution. Read to see what we found!

Internships and Opportunities 

January 2017 – Are you a foreign biology student who would like to do an internship in the US? A seasoned yeast geneticist looking for a full time job? A computer science whiz looking to apply your skills for the better good? We are massively recruiting and accepting spontaneous candidacies.


The Carvunis Lab is open!

It all begins on December 1st 2016… With an office, a desk, a gutted lab space undergoing serious renovations and a nice plaque on the wall…